Mazda CX-5 Compact SUV Gets Top Safety Rating


The all-new 2013 Mazda CX-5 has been recognized as a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The CX-5 received the organization’s highest possible crash safety rating of “Good” in all four tests conducted.

Earning a ‘Top Safety Pick’ distinction from the IIHS is a testament to the exceptional safety features of our all-new SKYACTIV-Body. Utilizing a straighter, more continuous frame, an extremely efficient multi-load path structure, and lighter yet stronger high-tensile steel, the SKYACTIV-Body was designed to achieve top ratings in crash tests around the world.

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IIHS names Mazda CX-5 Top Safety Pick? Auto123


Mazda Canada Certified Pre-Owned Used Car Program

Mazda took their time in arriving at the CPO party, but when they arrived, they really did it right. Pacific Mazda is excited to offer this program – it has several key benefits for the used car buyer to ensure peace of mind. One of the greatest benefits to the potential buyer is that the CPO vehicles often qualify for special, low-interest financing.


  •  160-Point Detailed Inspection
  • 7-Year/140,000-Kilometre Limited Powertrain Warranty*
  • 24hr Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • 30-Day/3,000-Kilometre Exchange Privilege
  • CarProof® Vehicle History Report
  • Zero Deductible
  • Available Extended Warranty/Coverage
  • Transferable Benefits

Have You Replaced Your Car’s Cabin Filter Lately?

Have You Replaced Your Car’s Cabin Filter Lately?

First of all – what is a cabin air filter?

In simple terms, the cabin air filter is a part of the air conditioning system in your car that filters the air coming into the passenger “cabin”. Do you ever get that “old gym sock” smell in your car? This is often caused by a dirty cabin air filter. Even if you don’t get the smell, the filter may become clogged with pollen, dust, and other pollutants and not function properly.

Allergy sufferers should pay particular attention to regular maintenance of the cabin air filter in their vehicles.
In most Mazdas, this is not an expensive procedure with prices ranging from $30 to  $75 including parts and labour.

Cabin filters really work but need to be replaced at regular intervals. The air you breathe is only as clean as the filter it goes through. A new cabin air filter will reduce airborne impurities such as pollen, dust, etc.

Recommended every 12-24 months

To book an appointment to get your cabin air filter changed, call Pacific Mazda at 250-385-1355 or book online

For more details on the cabin air filter, read the rest of the article below:

Over the years, there have been a few significant changes in the air-conditioning systems in cars:

  • as cars have gotten smaller and evaporators ( the unit that cools the air ) got smaller.
  • refrigerant changed from R-12(Freon) to R-134a because of ozone depleting substance regulations.
  • older, larger evaporators had lots of space around the tubes and fins for moisture from the air to run through without freezing. Dust, pollen, bacteria that came into the car through the fresh air intake was quickly washed out by the freely running water. The smaller, more compact evaporators were redesigned to increase efficiency but had little space for water flow. They also ran a bit warmer which didn’t pull as much moisture out of the air as before. The messy build up didn’t wash off, but sat on the evaporator and when warmed up created a foul smell  every time the fan was put on ( like old gym socks! ). It was a very difficult procedure to clean off this mess and reduce the smell.
These issues created the need for filter to get rid of the debris and allow clean air to enter the passenger cabin. Most newer vehicles have cabin air filters in the A/C heater system that clean the air coming into the passenger compartment. This filtration unit is designed to filter the dust, pollen, and bacteria before the air gets to the evaporator. Problem solved? Not quite. Without periodic filter service, air flow is restricted resulting in poor A/C performance in summer and poor heater performance in winter.

Bottom line: Replace the cabin filter before the A/C season starts for efficient, clean A/C performance.

Best Prices on Oil Changes in Victoria, BC

At Pacific Mazda, we  always knew our service pricing was competitive. A recent survey of local oil change prices confirmed this belief.

Basic Oil and Filter Service with Regular Oil

Our Price…………….. $49.95 (plus tax, shop supplies, & environmental fee)

(competitors $50.00 and up)*


  • replace engine oil & oil filter
  • vehicle inspection report
  • lubricate hinges, latches and door locks
  • check & top up fluids
  • adjust tire pressures

Compare Mr. Lube, Canadian Tire, Midas prices starting at $50.00 and up*


Basic Oil and Filter Service with 0W20 Synthetic Oil

Our Price…………….. $59.95 (plus tax, shop supplies, & environmental fee)

 (competitors $85.00 and up)*

  • includes:
    • replace 0W20 engine oil & oil filter
    • vehicle inspection report
    • lubricate hinges, latches and door locks
    • check & top up fluids
    • adjust tire pressures

Compare Mr. Lube, Canadian Tire , Midas  prices starting at $85.00 and up*

We encourage you to bring your Vehicle to Pacific Mazda for all service work. Our Mazda specialists will inspect your vehicle, maintain your service schedule and ensure all outstanding warranty items or recall bulletins are completed. Also, we will keep a full service history on your vehicle which is proven to improve your vehicle resale. 

We value and appreciate your business and look forward to providing our customers with excellent service and a lasting relationship with people you can trust.

Book a service appointment now online or call 250-385-1355

*(based on phone survey Feb.22, 2012 in Victoria, BC)

Mazda Impresses 2012 Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports released its 2012 predicted reliability rankings for automotive manufacturers in October of 2011. Mazda was ranked fourth overall, and first among non-luxury, full line automakers – behind only Scion,Lexus and Acura. Consumer Reports predicted that every Mazda model would achieve better than industry average reliability, a feat that even Lexus and Acura failed match.

Today, Consumer Reports released its overall rankings for 2012 model year vehicles and Mazda scored an even more impressive feat, finishing second amongst all automobile manufacturers and only a single point behind first place finisher Subaru. These scores reflect not just predicted reliability, but overall test scores in areas of comfort, performance, value and fuel economy.

Powered by all-new SKYACTIV technology that boosts both power and fuel efficiency by more than 15%, superior driving dynamics and industry-leading levels of quality and reliability, Mazda offers and outstanding line-up of vehicles, including our ground-breaking new Mazda CX-5 compact SUV, the most fuel efficient compact SUV sold in North America including hybrids.

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