Gislaved Tires From Sweden - It's about time you've heard about them.

Gislaved Tires – The Best Winter Tires You’ve Never Heard Of

Pacific Mazda has recently acquired the Gislaved line of tires in addition to most of the other major brands we already carry. If you are like most people in Victoria and Vancouver Island shopping for winter tires, you’ve probably never hear of this brand.  Well, Bob Mitchell, Parts Manager at Pacific Mazda, has done a lot of the homework for you. He was looking for a high quality winter tire at a reasonable price and he was able to source the Gislaved Nordfrost 5. You can imagine that a Swedish company knows a thing or two about both winter tires and quality.

Gislaved, a Swedish company, is part of Continental AG, Europe’s second-largest tire group, thereby gaining access to truly impressive resources for developing, testing and manufacturing tires. Gislaved  has an enviable reputation for producing some of the world’s best winter tires. That’s only natural, really, considering the hard winters faced in Sweden. By consistently focusing on safety, quality and driving comfort, Gislaved has become successful in more and more markets outside Sweden and today the company has a sales organization that spans the world.

Call Bob or one of the Parts Staff at Pacific Mazda 250-385-5747 for information about pricing and sizes.

Introductory Offer at Pacific Mazda:

Gislaved Nordfrost 5 P205/55/16 16″ winter tires

Set of 4 – $608 – installed

Set of 4 complete with steel wheels – $967 installed

Above prices INCLUDE all taxes – Valid until December 31, 2011

The phenomenon – Vancouver Island’s Classifieds becoming a dominant force in Used Car Classifieds



We’ve always known that people onVancouver Island in general, and those in Victoria in particular, march to a different drummer. It’s no different when it comes to online classifieds for used cars. Elsewhere in Canada, many portals such as,,, are some of the popular places to look for a used vehicle. Here on Vancouver Island, the network and in particular are the powerhouses of classifieds.

Many car dealers have listings on the site and private sellers abound. Although there are many perceived deals to be had from private sellers, there are many perils  the consumer must be aware of since the private sellers are unregulated. Most dealers in BC are registered and regulated by the Vehicle Sales Authority and this gives the buyer a level of protection and assurance. In addition, many dealers provide CarProof information on vehicles – here at Pacific Mazda, we don’t believe anyone should buy a used vehicle without a Carproof report.

Check out some of the Vancouver Island locations of the UsedEverywhere network – remember – there is a certain safety an recourse in buying a used car from a dealer and, in particular, a franchised new car dealer that is a member of the New Car Dealers Association of BC.

Twitter Followers Get First Dibs on Used Cars

Pacific Mazda Twitter @mazdavictoriaWhy would anyone follow a car dealer on Twitter? At Pacific Mazda, we are always trying to find good reasons to follow us on Twitter @mazdavictoria. We now  tweet used cars coming into inventory the moment they arrive or even when they are on the horizon. We may not have all the details, the pictures, or the price figured out yet, but we will let you know. Whether you are looking for a peachy Miata, a particular RX-8, or even other brands like a Ford truck – you will get a leg up on other buyers by following Pacific Mazda on Twitter.

In addition to the used car alerts, our twitter followers will be advised of contests, recalls, safety tips, and care care information. Yes, some of the tweets will be a bit spammy when we are having a great sale or something, but we really want to provide value for our twitter followers.

In the end, we don’t want to amass thousands of followers. We want to have a community of twitter followers that we can engage by providing useful information and having some fun. In the end, what goes around comes around and we hope that you will think about the people at Pacific Mazda for your next car.

Mazda Steel Wheel Cover Hubcap

Steel Wheel Covers – A cost effective way to make your Mazda look great in all seasons

One of the most practical ways to get winter tires put on your car is to buy an inexpensive set of steel wheels and have your winter tires mounted to them. The only thing about steel wheels is that they are…   for lack of a better word…  ugly

There is a very quick and affordable solution to keep your Mazda looking great even when it has its winter shoes on – some Genuine Mazda Steel Wheel Covers.

This is what a steel wheel looks like without a cover

This is what a steel wheel looks like without a cover

Mazda Steel Wheel Cover Hubcap

This is what a steel wheel with a cover looks like